Maxi Dog Food (26-44 KG)


Dog Food for Large Breeds

Large dog breeds, by their very definition need nutrition of a nature far different from small or medium-sized breeds. These sporty breeds often require ample energy reserves to match their higher activity levels. It is also important that their nutritional needs are best met during early developmental stage to support healthy musculoskeletal development. Hence, the Maxi Size Health Nutrition range has been specially formulated for large dogs of all ages and breeds, including puppies. This nutrition range helps large dogs maintain a healthy heart, digestion and strong joints at every life stage. Choose between puppy and adult formulas based on your pet’s age.

Some of the large-sized dogs:  Akita InuBoxer, DobermanGreyhoundsRetrieversSetters, Sheepdogs and  Weimaraners.

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