Dog Food Range


Royal Canin adheres to the principle that ‘pets are not people’. We maintain respect for their fundamental animal nature and nutritional needs that are different from our own. This belief has allowed us to innovate and bring the best puppy and adult dog food for health nutrition.

Through science and observation and our partnering with pet experts - veterinarians and breeders, we strive to create the best dog food in India that is tailored for individual breeds, at different life stages, across a host of medical conditions.

This precision and obsession has the power to transform every dog, from puppy to adult, into the magnificent animal it has the potential to be.

Breed-Specific FOOD

Breed-specific Food for Dogs

Every dog breed is unique. Our Breed Health Nutrition® range of dog food addresses the specific needs of each breed with its precise formulas and tailor-made kibbles designed for pure breed dogs.

Super Range8

Size-Specific FOOD

Dog Food for
Small-Sized Breeds
(1-10 KG)

Small Dog Food

Small-sized dogs have different physiological needs, unique energy requirements and long-life spans.

Super Range8

Dog Food for
Medium-Sized Breeds
(11-25 KG)

Food For Medium Sized Dogs

Medium-sized dogs have higher energy levels and need a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight.

Super Range8

Dog Food for
Large-Sized Breeds
(26-44 KG)

Large Breed Dog Food

Large-sized dogs are adapted for hard work and often require ample energy reserves to match its activity levels.

Super Range8

Dog Food for
Giant-Sized Breeds
(> 45 KG)

Giant Dog Breed Food

Very large dog breeds are bred for rescue work. Due to their weight, they require nutrition solutions to help maintain strong joints.

Super Range8

Vet-Prescribed FOOD

Vet Recommended Dog Food Brands

Our Veterinary-exclusive dog foods in India support a wide range of health issues. These tailor-made nutritional solutions supplement your vet's prescription.

Super Range8

Specialised FOOD


Best Dog Food for Athletic Dogs

Our high-performance nutrition product, Endurance 4800, is a special formula developed for sporting, working and other high-activity dogs.

Super Range8


Best Dog Food for Bitches

Our dog food for bitches has been formulated to meet the female dog's gestation and lactation needs. It also helps weaning puppies transition from maternal milk to solid puppy food.

Super Range8


Best Food for Feeding Puppies

Our baby dog milk product is formulated from specific components that are suited for a puppy's digestive system. It helps support steady growth and development.

Super Range8

Still confused? Let us help you find the most suitable product for your dog's needs.

Find the best food for your dog
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