Cat Products


Royal Canin adheres to the principle that ‘pets are not people’. We maintain respect for their fundamental animal nature and nutritional needs that are different from our own. This belief has allowed us to innovate and bring the best kitten and adult cat food for health nutrition.

Through science and observation and our partnering with pet experts - veterinarians and breeders, we strive to create the best cat food in India that is tailored for individual breeds, at different life stages, across a host of medical conditions.

This precision and obsession has the power to transform every cat, from kitten to adult, into the magnificent animal it has the potential to be.

Breed-Specific Food

Persian cats routinely swallow a large quantity of hair during grooming. Our Persian formula limits hairball formation, maintains coat health and takes into account their digestive sensitivity.


Specialised Food

Cats have changing nutritional needs. Our range provides the necessary nutrients needed for your cat's well-being, at every life-stage and for every lifestyle.


Wet Canned Food

Designed for a cat’s specific nutritional needs and instinctive preferences, our formulas provide an optimal balance between proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It works like a perfect nutritional complement to our premium dry cat food segment.


Vet-Prescribed Food

Vet Recommended Food for Cats

Our Veterinary-exclusive cat foods in India support a wide range of health issues. These tailor-made nutritional solutions supplement your vet’s prescription.


Still confused? Let us help you find the most suitable product for your cat's needs.

Find the best food for your cat
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