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Keep your dog’s weight in check

Healthy weight loss tips for your dog

Weight gain creeps up on your dog as much as it can on a human. Suddenly, that lean frisky dog you know has become a fat lounge hound. This is just one of the signs that your dog may be putting on more than its desired weight. Dog weight control can be a tricky issue. Of course, you should first verify this with your vet to match an ideal weight against breed, size, age and individual characteristics. Then, put a halt to any between meal treats that may be considered as showing your love to your dog. Consider that just 190 gms. of chewy treats is equivalent to a human being eating 7 doughnuts at one sitting. For your dog, it could work out to over 67% of excess daily intake. Beyond food, exercise is also important in keeping your dog fit, so don’t spare those mile long walks or a quick jog in a park. All it takes to maintain a healthy weight for dogs, is just 20 to 30 minutes of brisk walking or playtime with a ball or Frisbee. Most importantly, get your family involved and become responsible for keeping your dog’s weight plan on track.

Ignoring 1 kilo extra on your dog is like ignoring 7 kilos on yourself. 

Dog Weight Management

When a nibble of cheese becomes a weighty problem.

Dog Weight Management

When extra treats become a weighty problem. 

Dog Weight Management

Checking your dog’s weight regularly is a good habit.

Dog Weight Management

Measure accurately and reduce the risk of obesity in your dog. 

Dog Weight Management

So always remember that the famous saying, ‘prevention is better than cure, is absolutely true. In consultation with your vet and with a little attention to the weighing scale, feeding bowl and exercise regimen, you can easily lead your dog back to good health.You can ensure that your dog stays in shape and remains healthy with Satiety Weight Management. A complete dietetic feed for adult dogs.

Satiety Weight Management


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