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Puppy training

A step-by-step guide on how to train your puppy

No matter how hard it is to be a strict owner to your pet, it is absolutely necessary. Puppy training is an important part of your puppy’s growth and development and is a big step in puppy care. Everyone likes a well-behaved puppy and we recommend training your puppy as early as possible.

This article is a step-by-step guide of ‘ how to train your puppy’. There are 7 puppy training tips that your puppy needs to learn before it becomes an adult dog. This way the lessons learnt, as a pup will remain embedded in his memory for life.

1) Learning his name. 

Puppy training

For your puppy to respond to your call, you need to teach your puppy his name. The shorter the name, the easier it is to learn. Encourage this training by doing something nice with your puppy before starting. Teaching your puppy his name should be done in two simple steps as given below:

● Say your puppy’s name slowly and clearly to catch his attention.

● When your puppy responds to his name, reward your puppy and pat his head. If your puppy doesn’t come straight away, don’t tell him off or your puppy will be even slower next time.

2) Knowing the “No”.

The next word your puppy needs to learn is “No”. From the very beginning your puppy should understand that “No” means something is forbidden.

Be sure your commands are consistent, what is “No’ to one day should not be allowed the next, either by you or anyone else in the family.

You need to have command over this word; so that no matter where and when you use it, your puppy will know what he is doing is something he shouldn’t.

3) House training your puppy.

Once your puppy has learnt two basic lessons, it’s time to move on to house training. There are three simple steps to successfully house train your puppy.

  • Take your puppy out every two hours during the day, ideally on waking up, after every meal and after playtime.
  • If you notice your puppy going round in circles, pick your puppy up and take him outside. When he has finished his business, praise your puppy.
  • Don’t tell your puppy off if he has an accident indoors! Scolding will only stress your puppy out.

4) Sit, Lie down, Stay.

The next few commands your puppy needs to learn should be taught in the order specified.


  • “Sit”: While giving this command, push your puppy on his haunches with one hand. Keep his head up with the other hand.
  • “Lie Down”: Ask your puppy to sit, and then gently pull your puppy paws forward while saying “lie down”.
  • Stay: Make your puppy sit and add “stay” while moving away from your puppy. If your puppy gets up and follows, say “No”.


5. Teaching your puppy meal manners.

Mealtimes should be fixed and your puppy’s food bowl must be in the same place, far away from his sleeping area. Tidbits or table scraps should not be given, as it will upset the nutritional balance of the food that you’re feeding your puppy currently. 

Remember to give your puppy lots of love and praise every time he obeys. This will encourage good behaviour.


Puppy training

6. Give your puppy the right potty training

The simplest way to potty train your puppy is to make regular visits (and always after a meal) to the place where you would like him to do his business. When he performs, pet him and reward him generously. 


7. Introduce your puppy to socialization 

Puppy training

Along with being house trained, it is important for your puppy to be comfortable and sociable among other dogs and people. You can help him build his social skills by bringing him into regular contact with different people and other dogs.

Puppy training
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