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Pet Festival Tips

Tips to keep your pet safe during Diwali

The festive season is almost upon us. Everything we need to successfully celebrate the oncoming festivities are bought and checked off our shopping list. Are we forgetting something? Sweets, lanterns, firecrackers – check, check and check. What’s missing? That’s right, it’s your list to help make the festive season healthier and safer for your pets! Pen and paper, ready?

Vet visit, please

Drop by your vet a few days before Diwali to get age-and-breed-specific advice. Your vet can suggest the right medicines to address anxiety in pets that can be prescribed if absolutely necessary.

Keep your pets company

One of the best ways to ensure that your pets are calm and comfortable is to keep them company throughout the firecracker orchestra. The loud noises can leave them shaky and traumatised, if left alone at any point of time. 

Pet festival tips

Keep an eye out for behavioural changes

Loud noise, lights and color combine to form an unusual environment for your pets – one that could affect their appetite, stools and general behavior. This could either be due to anxiety or some other medical reasons. Visit your vet immediately if you notice any sudden change in their demeanor.

Say no to forced cuddles

If you see your pets hiding under the sofa or table, do not force them to come out. While we believe the human touch heals, that doesn’t work when your pets are traumatized by the load noise of firecrackers. Hiding in confined spaces is their natural way of dealing with this fear, and forced cuddles do not help. What helps is just being around and letting them naturally deal with it.

Watch the nose

If there’s one thing all dog or cat must love doing, it’s sniffing around new and foreign objects. Which is why you need to be extremely careful that your pet isn’t sniffling gunpowder, which is extremely fine and powdery. One sniff is all it takes to go directly to your pets’ lungs and result in alkalosis, which can causes nausea, muscle spasms and twitching, difficulty breathing and could even lead to shock or put your pets into a coma.

Alter your pet’s regular routine

To avoid the hustle and bustle of the festivities, walk and feed your pets during the daytime, before the celebrations begin. Do not venture near places where people are lighting or have already burst firecrackers.

Festive food can be unhealthy

Foods you love can be unhealthy and even dangerous for your pets. Table scraps from a festive feast can upset their digestion and encourage finicky eating habits once the festivities are done with. If you are having guests over, feed your pets before they arrive. 

Pet festival tips

Keep emergency numbers ready 

It’s true, veterinarians take holidays too. You may be forced to visit an unfamiliar veterinarian due to holiday closures, so keep a copy of your pets’ medical history handy.

Keep these tips in mind, and gear up for the oncoming festivities – for you and your pets.

Pet festival tips
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