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How to toilet train your kitten?

Most kittens learn the toileting behaviour from their mothers. However, in absence of their mother, they need some extra help. Here are some tips:

Toilet Training Kitten

Choose the Right Litter Box

  • The container should have plenty of room to move around in and with sides that are low enough for your kitten to climb over.
  • Make sure it’s deep enough to contain an ample amount of litter.
  • Consider a covered litter box that will help avoid accidental spills and limit odours.

Place The Litter Box Correctly

  • Must always be easily accessible to your kitten.
  • Should not be located near their food or water dishes or near your own living and dining areas.
  • As cats like their privacy, select a quiet area for the tray. For instance, the tray can be placed in a corner or with one wall behind it.

Experiment With Litters

  • Use commercial cat litters available, including those made from recycled materials. Experiment with a few to determine what works best for your kitten.
  • Avoid scented litters. While you may prefer their aroma, it's probable that your kitten will not.  

Make Your Kitten Use It Often

Place your kitten in the litter box at hourly intervals throughout the day. This will reinforce the idea of where you want your kitten to go when ‘nature calls.’ It also helps prevent accidents. Once your kitten has used the litter a couple of times, the smell of urine will be an encouragement to come back next time.

Handle 'Accidents' With Care

  • Your kitten is only a baby and is still learning what is expected from them.
  • Do not punish a kitten by rubbing his nose in the accident, as it might make the kitten fear you as well as going to the toilet.
  • Praise good behaviour and try to keep a closer eye on your kitten in the future. 

Make Cleaning a Habit

  • Keep the litter box clean as cats and kittens do not like using dirty litter boxes.
  • Scoop out the hard bits frequently and change the litter according to the manufacturer’s recommendation (usually daily).
  • Wash litter boxes thoroughly once a week.
Toilet Training Kitten
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