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Original Name : Caniche

Type : Braccoid

Male size : Standard Poodles: over 17¾ inches up to 23½ inches with ¾ inch upper tolerance; a larger copy of the Medium with the same characteristics.Medium Poodles; over 13¾ inches up to 17¾ inches.Miniature Poodles: over 11 inches up to 13¾ inches; a smaller copy of the Medium with the same characteristics wherever possible, with no sign of dwarfism.Toy Poodles: over 9½ inches up to 11 inches (ideally, 9¾ inches) (lower tolerance of ¾ inches); generally, a smaller copy of the Miniature with the same proportions wherever possible, with no sign of dwarfism, although the occipital protuberance may be a little less pronounced.

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : France


Poodles have the appearance of intelligent companions, always alert and active, and harmoniously built, exuding elegance and pride. Their reputation for loyalty, vivacity, above average life expectancy and capacity for learning and training help explain why they are greatly prized as companion dogs.


Distinguished, rectilinear, proportionate, well chiseled without heaviness but also without being too fine.



Moderately developed withers, short back with harmonious, taut topline, firm, muscular loins, rounded croup that does not fall away.



Solid black, white, brown, gray, orange fawn (apricot) or red fawn.



Flat, broadening from the base, rounded at the tips, covered with very long, wavy hair.



Hanging at rest; raised obliquely in action.



Curly coats: abundant, fine, woolly, very frizzy, elastic, resistant to pressure, thick, well furnished, uniform length, forming even curls.Corded coats: abundant, fine, woolly, dense, forming characteristic cords, measuring no less than 7¾ inches.


Many experts feel that Poodles are the archetypal companion dog, coming in a variety of sizes, colors and coat textures, including the lesser known corded coat. Originally, Poodles were used for wildfowling. They are primarily descended from an old breed of waterdog, the Barbet, with which they share many characteristics. Breeders worked hard to produce original individuals of uniform color and their efforts have been duly rewarded as Poodles have become the world’s favorite French dog since the beginning of the 20th century.Permitted show clipsLion clip: Clipped hindquarters up to the ribs, muzzle, above and below the lower eyelids, cheeks, forelegs and hindlegs save cuffs or bracelets and optional patterns on the hindquarters, tail save a round or oblong pompom at the end, mandatory mustache. Pants – unclipped hair on the forelegs – are permitted.Modern clip: unclipped legs are permitted provided the following instructions are observed: Clipped lower forelegs from the nails to the tip of the dewclaw, lower hindlegs to equivalent height. Machine clipping limited to toes is permitted. Head and tail as above. Exceptionally, short hair no longer than 1/3 inch under the lower jaw, the lower line of which is parallel to the jaw. A goat’s beard is not permitted. No pompom on the tail.Shortened coat: on the body to produce “shot silk” effect at least ¾ inch long on the line of the back. The length increases gradually on the ribs and high on the legs.Neatened coat on the head with topknot retained at reasonable height and down behind the neck to the withers without a break to the clipped part of the feet along a slightly slanting line from the top of the chest. From the top of the ears along no more than a third of their length the coat may be shortened with scissors or clippers in the direction of the hair. The lower part should be covered in increasingly long hair from top to bottom, ending in fringes that may be leveled. Alternatively, neatened coat on the legs, with “pants” marking a neat transition to the clipped part of the feet. The hair length gradually increases from bottom to top, measuring 1½-2¾ inches on the shoulder and thigh, depending on the size of the dog, avoiding any bouffant effect. The pants at the back must bring out the Poodle’s typical angulation. Any deviation from these standards disqualifies the dog. The outline produced by any clip should never influence show rankings, all dogs of the same class must be judged together.English clip: Lion clip with patterns on the hindquarters (bracelet and cuffs), optional topknot (no hairspray or other substance allowed to keep it in place), optional mustache, lack of demarcation on hindquarters is permitted.Poodles without permitted clip cannot be judged in shows or official events but are not disqualified from breeding programs.

Did you know ?

So what’s in a name? Poodle comes from the German word for the breed, Pudel. In German, puddeln is a verb that means to splash. In France the word for Poodle is Caniche, based on the word cane, which means female duck. So whichever way you look at it, Poodles are inextricably bound up with water.


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