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Griffons Belges

Three of the best


Original Name : Griffon Belge

Type : Braccoid

Other Names : Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge, Petit Brabancon

Male weight : 7¾-13¼ lbs

Female weight : 7¾-13¼ lbs

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Belgium


These intelligent, well balanced dogs are alert, proud and robust. Virtually square, they have good bone structure, but are nevertheless elegantly built, moving graciously. Their almost human expression catches the eye. Neither timid nor aggressive they are very vigilant and highly attached to their human companion.


Broad, round skull, well rounded forehead, very pronounced stop.



Square-shaped and powerful overall, with well defined withers, straight, short, strong back, short, muscular loins that are very slightly arched, broad croup.



Griffon Bruxellois: Red, reddish; a little black is acceptable on the head furnishing.Griffon Belge: Black, black and tan. Pure, well sustained tan markings on forelegs, from foot to wrist, back legs, from foot to hock, rising on the inside of the legs, on chest, cheeks, chin, and above the eyes, inside the ears, below the tail and around the vent. Black may be mixed with red-brown, which is permitted, although pure black and black and tan are preferred.Petit Brabançon: Same colors as above. Dark mask. Gray mask is acceptable in older dogs.



Carried semi-erect and falling forward.



Set high, carried quite high, with the tip towards the back without reaching it or being curled.



The Griffon Bruxellois and Griffon Belge are rough-coated with undercoat. Naturally harsh, slightly wavy, not curled, trimmed, sufficiently long to allow the structure to be appreciated. If the hair is too long it will destroy the outline. Silky or woolly hair is a serious fault. The Petit Brabançon has short, harsh, close and shiny hair, no longer than ¾ inch.Head furnishing: Beard and mustache begin under the line of the nose and eye and reach from ear to ear, covering muzzle and cheeks with thick hair longer than on the rest of the body. Above the eyes, the hair is longer than the rest of the skull, forming eyebrows.


All the three breeds (Griffon Bruxellois, Griffon Belge and Petit Brabancon) are descended from a small rough-coated dog that went by the name Smousje, which had been found in the Brussels region for centuries.In the 19th century, the introduction of Ruby King Charles Spaniel and Carlin blood produced a short, black coat, establishing the type we know today. These little dogs were bred to guard carriages and keep stables free from rodents. The two Griffons are rough-coated and can be distinguished by color, whereas the Petit Brabancon has short hair.

Did you know ?

The head is certainly the most distinctive and striking part of the body. It is fairly large compared with the body and sports an almost human expression. The Griffons have rough, upstanding, tousled hair that is longer below the eyes, on foreface, cheeks, and chin, forming head furnishings.


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