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Drentsche Patrijshond

Spanish Netherlander with oodles of versatility

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Original Name : Drentsche Patrijshond

Type : Braccoid

Other Names : Partridge, Dutch, Dog

Male size : 22¾-24¾ inches

Female size : 21½-23½ inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Netherlands


Drentsche Patrijshonds were originally bred in the 16th century from dogs that arrived in what is now the Netherlands from Spain via France. In the east of the country, especially the province of Drenthe, the breed was kept pure without any cross-breeding as happened elsewhere. The breed was officially recognized in the Netherlands in May 1943, and the breed club formed in June 1948. Drentsche Patrijshonds – the name means Drenthe Partridge Dog in Dutch – are related to Small Münsterländers and French Spaniels.


Rather broad and very slightly arched. Barely perceptible furrow from stop to moderately developed occiput. Medium-sized, oval eyes expressing intelligence and kindness.



Medium-length neck forming a harmonious line with the straight back and loins, ending in a slightly sloping croup.



White with brown patches, with or without spots.



Not heavy, set high, hanging close to the head without folding.



Set fairly high, reaching to the point of the hock.



Dense coat covering the body well.


Drentsche Patrijshonds are ideal hunting dogs on many different types of terrain, working within the range of the gun. Maintaining contact with the hunter seems to be an innate quality. When searching, the tail of many dogs of this breed moves in a circle, especially when the dog picks up the scent. When it moves in close to the game it will wait for the hunter, turning its head to looking for him or her if it feels too much time is elapsing. Dogs of this highly adaptable breed are able to hunt many different types of game in open country or marshland. They are also good retrievers, excelling at finding lost game. These well proportioned dogs, lean muscled and clean-cut, with powerful bodies that are slightly elongated, are able to run at speed, which is a requisite of a gundog. Their wedge-shaped muzzle is a little shorter than their skull. The lips are fairly dry and do not hang.

Did you know ?

Although the hair is not really long on the body, the well furnished ears, and longer hair on the neck and chest give an altogether different impression, coupled with the fringing on the back and front legs and the bushy tail.


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