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Small Swiss Hound

Four little Swiss

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Original Name : Schweizerischer Niederlaufhund

Type : Braccoid

Male size : 13 ¾-17 inches

Female size : 13-15¾ inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Switzerland


Small Swiss Hounds are deft, untiring and agile dogs with a very fine sense of smell and a real passion for hunting. They pick and follow the trail with confidence, communicated with a deep, melodious voice. They are naturally friendly, with a temperament that goes from calm to lively, without a sign of nerves or aggression.


Noble, clean. Viewed from the front, rather long and narrow, broadening gradually towards the cheeks.



Harmonious but gently sloping topline, straight, firm, medium-length back, broad, powerful, supple loins.



Four varieties:Small Bernese HoundSmooth and rough coat. Always tricolored, white, black and tan.Small Jura HoundSmooth coat, rarely double coat. Preferably deep black with tan (“brand”) markings above eyes, on cheeks, chest and or limbs, or fawn with black mantel or saddle. Small Lucerne HoundSmooth coat. White speckled with gray or black and dark to black patches. Tan (“brand”) markings above eyes, on cheeks, at the base of tail, on chest and legs. Black mantel is permitted.Small Schwyz HoundSmooth coat. White with yellow-red or orange-red patches, isolated red-orange mottles permitted. Red-orange mantle permitted. Dark gray skin under orange and white-black marbled skin under white hair.



Set low and rather far back, no higher than eye level, narrow at the base.



Set low, extending from the croup, medium length, reaching at least to the hock.



Smooth, short, close, finer on head and ears, or rough, elastic, close with sparse undercoat.


In the early 20th century, several Swiss cantons gradually introduced the concept of private hunting grounds. The feeling was that the much-appreciated medium-sized Swiss hounds would be too fast in these enclosed areas. The decision was taken to replace them with a new smaller breed. These are powerful dogs of medium length and rectangular build. Their medium-sized head is clean and noble, producing a gentle, attentive expression, with very long drop ears, which are set low and carried folded. Their ribcage is moderately broad and deep, providing plenty of space for the heart and lungs. Their legs are clean and robust, while their tail is carried hanging, curving upward slightly when the dog is in action.

Did you know ?

Small Swiss Hounds are every inch a hound, searching and driving with determination, hunting independently, giving tongue and even tracking wounded game.


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