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Scenthounds and Related Breeds

Original Name : Chien de Saint-Hubert

Type : Braccoid

Male size : 25¼-28½ inches

Male weight : 101-119 lbs

Female size : 22¾-26 inches

Female weight : 88-106 lbs

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Belgium


Due to their awesome sense of smell, Bloodhounds have always been used on the hunt, as a leash hound, but often to pick up the scent of injured game. However, they are also experts in blood-scent trials and, of course, they are used to help the police find missing persons. Whether fulfilling the role of large game dog, service canine or companion, Bloodhounds are always brimming with energy, which allows them to follow a trail over a long distance even when the terrain is hilly. Gentle, placid and sociable with people, they form a particular bond with their master or mistress.


Imposing, majestic, full of nobility, the breed’s most distinctive feature.



Solid, big, the most powerful of all the scenthounds.



Black and tan, liver and tan, and red.



Thin, supple, covered with short, fine hair that is velvety to the touch.



Long, strong thick, set high, tapering gradually to the tip.



Close, short, dense, fairly harsh, weather-resistant on the body. Very short, soft on head and ears.


This harmoniously built breed has powerful muscles and strong bones, but never comes across in any way as heavy. Rectangular in shape, Bloodhounds are imposing animals of great nobility, reinforced by their solemn attitude. The abundant skin on head and neck is supple and fine, hanging in deep folds. Bloodhounds move with a fairly slow, rolling gait, but their movements are supple, elastic and free all the same. None of the Bloodhound’s characteristics must be exaggerated to the point of disrupting overall harmony, producing a coarse appearance or threatening the animal’s health and well being at all.For centuries Bloodhounds have been prized for their exceptional nose and good hunting instincts. These dogs were originally bred in the Belgian Ardennes by the monks of Saint-Hubert Abbey, from black, and black and tan hounds used by Hubert the monk in the 7th century, who was later canonized, becoming the patron saint of hunters.

Did you know ?

Their exceptional nose is legendary, so it’s no surprise that Bloodhounds are often used to search for missing persons in North America.


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