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Three times the pleasure


Original Name : Dachshund

Type : Braccoid

Other Names : Doxie, Wiener Dog

Male weight : Upper limit of 20 lbs

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Germany


Naturally friendly, lacking in nerves or aggression, Dachshunds are ideal as family dogs. Don’t let their size fool you; these are passionate hunters, characterized by perseverance, liveliness and a good nose. Dachshunds are literally in a class of their own: FCI Group 4! But their range of sizes, hair types and colors ensures there is plenty of variation in spite of everything.


Elongated viewed from above and the side, tapering uniformly to the nose, but not pointed.



Topline blends harmoniously from neck to croup, which slopes slightly. Pronounced withers, solid, very muscular back, strongly muscular loins.



a) Whole-colored: red, reddish yellow, yellowb) Two-colored: deep black or brown, with tan or yellow markings over the eyes, on the sides of the muzzle, lower lip, inside of the ears, forechest, inside and rear of the legs, feet, around the vent and from there to about one third or one half the way along the underside of the tail.c) Dappled (tiger-brindle, brindle): base color is always dark (black, red or gray). Small irregular gray or beige patches are sought after, but not large ones.



Set high and not too far forward, sufficiently long but not exaggeratedly so, rounded and especially mobile.



Set not too high and carried as an extension of the topline, a slight curve is acceptable in the final third.



Short, dense, shiny, smooth fitting topcoat with close, dense undercoat, no bald patches.


Dachshunds have been around since the Middle Ages. Short-legged dogs have been specially bred to flush out badgers since time immemorial and Dachshunds came to be the most versatile hunting dog. On the ground it performs well as a vociferous tracker. The breed has existed in three sizes for decades (Standard, Miniature and Kaninschen) and three hair varieties (smooth, wire and long).These low-lying dogs have very long bodies that are nevertheless compact and very muscular. They carry their heads very boldly, wearing an expression of alertness. Despite their short legs, Doxies are very active and agile.

Did you know ?

Height is not a vital statistic for Dachshunds. Apart from weight, only the girth of the chest is important, at more than 13¾ inches in standard Dachshunds, more than 11¾ inches in miniatures (first measured when the dog reaches 15 months of age) and up to 11¾ inches in Kaninschens (again first measured when the dog reaches 15 months of age).


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