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Perro de Presa Mallorquin

Majorca’s finest

Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs

Original Name : Ca de Bou

Type : Molossoid

Other Names : Majorca, Mastiff

Male size : 21½-23 inches at the withers

Male weight : 77- 84 lbs

Female size : 20½-21½ inches at the withers

Female weight : 66-75 lbs

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Spain


This typical molossoid is medium-sized, slightly rectangular, strong and heavy. There is a distinct difference between the sexes, especially with regard to the head, which is much bigger in males.Although naturally peaceful, in some situations these dogs can be courageous and brave. They are sociable with people, showing great loyalty and affectionate to their companion. They are unsurpassed guard and defense dogs, confident and self-assured at rest, with a piercing gaze when alert.


Powerful and massive, with a large, broad, almost square-shaped skull.



Short, relatively narrow loins and flanks, forming a well defined curve toward the croup, which is approximately 1/3-¾ inches higher than the withers. The rib cage is deep and somewhat cylindrical, reaching to the elbows.



In order of preference: brindle, fawn and black.



Set high and at the sides, rather small, drooping. Drawn and folded backward, showing the inside of the ear.



Set low, strong at the root, tapering to the tip, which reaches to the hock.



Short and coarse.


Since ancient times, the countries of the Mediterranean communicated with each other by sea, which is how they shared their cultural and scientific knowledge. These exchanges were mostly commercial in nature, but domesticated animals were also traded, including dogs that were needed to protect communities and ports from pirates and robbers. Such dogs were generally big, strong and robust animals with solid heads and powerful jaws, but one type was especially sought after: a mastiff from Spain used for hunting, bull baiting and dog fighting. These dogs accompanied King James I of Aragon on the conquest of the Balearic Islands around 1230. After the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, the islands were awarded to the British.

Did you know ?

The first ever Perro de Presa Mallorquin was shown in Barcelona in 1929, and it promptly won a prize.


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