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Entlebuch Cattle Dog

The smallest of the Swiss mountain and cattle dogs

Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs

Original Name : Entlebucher Sennenhund

Type : Lupoid

Other Names : Entlebucher

Male size : 17½-19¾ inches (up to 20 ½ inches tolerated)

Female size : 16½-19 inches (up to 19¾ inches tolerated)

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Switzerland


Traditionally utilized to drive and guard livestock, and watch over the farmstead, nowadays Entlebuchers are recognized as versatile utility dogs and friendly family dogs.These compact, slightly rectangular dogs, which only barely qualify as medium-sized, have the same tricolor coat as other Swiss mountain and cattle dogs. Very agile and active, with an open, alert and gentle expression.


In good proportion to the body. Slightly wedge-shaped and lean.



Strong and slightly elongated.



Typically tricolored, with tan (yellow to brownish red) and white markings on a black foundation. The marking should be as symmetrical as possible.



Set high, not too large, but relatively broad and drooping.



Naturally long and set in a flowing line with the croup or naturally short.



Double coat with short, well fitting, harsh and shiny topcoat and dense undercoat.


Entlebuchers are one of the smallest of the four Swiss mountain and cattle dogs, originating in the Entlebuch valley spanning the cantons of Lucerne and Berne. An Entlibucher dog was first described in 1889, but for a long period no distinction was made between an Appenzeller and an Entlebucher. Four short-tailed subjects were shown to professor Albert Heim, the great promoter of Swiss mountain and cattle dogs, in Langenthal in 1913. The judge’s reports were enough to earn them a registration in the Swiss stud book (L.O.S.) as a fourth Swiss mountain and cattle dog breed. The first standard was not published until 1927, after the formation on August 16, 1926 of the breed club, initiated by Dr. B. Kobler, to promote pure breeding. The breed developed fairly slowly, as shown by the limited number of L.O.S. registrations.

Did you know ?

As well as their traditional aptitude as indefatigable herders, Entlebuch Cattle Dogs are now also recognized for their outstanding qualities as utility dogs. While the population remains small, these attractive tricolored dogs are becoming increasingly popular as family dogs.


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