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Dogo Argentino

The emblem of dog-loving Argentina

Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs

Original Name : Dogo Argentino

Type : Molossoid

Male size : 24½-26¾ inches

Female size : 23½-25½ inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Argentina


As natives of Cordoba province in central Argentina, Dogo Argentinos were first bred by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez, a passionate dog fancier who established the main characteristics of the breed in the first standard in 1928.Dogo Argentinos are happy, open and friendly dogs that seldom bark, perhaps because they realize their imposing stature achieves the required effect without the effort. They should never be aggressive, a character trait that needs to be closely monitored. Their dominant attitude, especially among the males, does get them into regular territorial fights with dogs of the same sex. On the hunt, they are smart, silent, brave and seasoned.


Medium proportions, exuding strength and power, without abrupt angles or fine chiseling. Dark brown or hazel eyes, preferably with black lids, although partial pigmentation is not penalized.



About a tenth again longer (from the point of the shoulder to the point of the buttocks) than the height at the withers.



Completely white. A single black or dark patch is accepted around the eye, but it must not cover more than one tenth of the head.



Set high, well apart due to the broad skull. When natural, dropping and with the insides close to the cheeks. Semi-pricked when alert.



Set medium high, at 45 degrees to the topline. Saber-shaped, thick and long, reaching to the hock but no farther.



Uniformly short, smooth and soft to the touch, ½-¾ inch long. Thickness and density depends on the climate.


Dogo Argentinos are compact, muscular dogs with long legs. They are no giants, but well proportioned, with powerful muscles covered by taut but elastic transparent skin. They are intelligent animals with quick reactions, although their gait is calm but firm and expressive of inner happiness. These loyal, affectionate dogs are colored a remarkable white. All told, this breed possesses the physical prowess of a natural athlete.

Did you know ?

In tropical climates, the coat is thin and sparse, revealing pigmented areas, which are not penalized. In cold climates, the hair is thicker and denser, and there may an undercoat.


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