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An excellent companion of large proportions

Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs

Original Name : Boxer

Type : Molossoid

Male size : 22½-24 ¾ inches

Male weight : Over 66 lbs (when the height at the withers is around 23½ inches)

Female size : 21-23¼ inches

Female weight : Around 55 lbs (when the height at the withers is around 22 inches)

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Germany


Boxers are sturdy, squarely built dogs of average-size with strong bones and smooth coats. Their muscles are taut and well developed, producing a molded look. Their movements are lively, noble and powerful. Boxers never appear heavy or cumbersome, although they must not be lightweight or unsubstantial either.


The harmonious balance between muzzle and skull is the source of beauty in the head, so the muzzle must be in proportion to the skull (never smaller) whether viewed from the front, above or the side.



Square, resting on strong, straight legs.



Fawn and brindle.



When left natural, they must be of appropriate size, set at the highest point on each side of the skull. At rest, lying close to the cheek and falling forward, forming a clear fold, especially when the dog is alert.



Set high rather than low, of normal length if left natural.



Short, hard, glossy and close-fitting.


Boxers are directly descended from Bullenbeissers, which were bred by huntsmen to catch and hold game run down by hounds until they arrived on the scene to administer the coup de grace. To do this, the dogs had to have jaws as wide as possible with widely spaced teeth to bite firmly and hold on tight. Bullenbeissers with these characteristics were best suited to this job and they were used as breeding stock, as function and utility were the only breeding criteria at the time. The results of this selection were dogs with broad muzzle and upturned nose.Boxers must be fearless, self-assured, calm and well balanced. Temperament is key and must be given close attention in breeding. Boxers have long been famed for their devotion and loyalty to their family, as well as their vigilance and unshakeable bravery as defenders. They pose no threat to their family, but strangers are viewed with suspicion. At play, Boxers are happy and friendly, but they are fearless when they need to be. They are easy to train due to their great obedience, self-confidence and courage, their natural spirit and keen sense of smell. Undemanding and clean, they are just as well suited to the role of family and companion dog as a defense and utility dog. These are trustworthy dogs without guile or cunning, even into their senior years.

Did you know ?

The dark mask is confined to the muzzle and must sharply contrast with the color of the head, so as not to darken the facial expression.


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