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The most worldly of the Dutch breeds

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Nederlandse Schapendoes

Type : Lupoid

Other Names : Dutch, Sheep, Dog

Male size : 17-19¾ inches

Female size : 15¾-18 ½ inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Netherlands


This longhaired Dutch breed is lightly built, measuring between 15 ¾ inches and 19 ¾ inches at the withers. Its springy, effortless gait is complemented with a remarkable jump.A good Schapendoes is vigilant and courageous. Its qualities also include intelligence, alertness, vitality, cheerfulness, gentleness and bags of temperament. It is loving and loyal with members of its family.


The very abundant hair makes the head look bigger and especially broader, and the skull higher than it really is.



A little longer than it is high, light-boned, supple and elastic.



All colors are acceptable, although blue-gray to black is preferred.



Set fairly high, neither heavy nor fleshy, hanging freely by the side of the head without being close.



Long, well furnished and feathered.



Thick coat of long, slightly wavy hair measuring 2 ¾ inches and more around the hindquarters with adequate undercoat.


At the turn of the last millennium, Dutch Sheep Dogs were spread throughout the Netherlands wherever there were moors and sheep. Shepherds appreciated their tireless work ethic and intelligence. In fact, it is still used to guard sheep today. Sheep are put out to pasture in the remote areas of the country, so a Schapendoes has to be hardy, mobile and nimble. It also has to be intelligent enough to take decisions. It needs to be a true herding dog both physically and mentally.Dutch Sheep Dogs are members of a disparate group of longhaired herding breeds with densely coated heads, related to Bearded Collies, Pulis, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Old English Sheepdogs, Briards, Bergamasco Shepherd Dogs and German Schafspudels in the varieties found in Hesse, in Odenwald and the Lower Rhine. All related breeds are miniature mutations of mountain dogs.

Did you know ?

P.M.C. Toepoel founded the modern Schapendoes, generating interest in the virtually extinct breed during World War II ahead of making serious efforts to reconstruct it after V Day. The Dutch breed club was formed in 1947 and the Schapendoes was provisionally recognized by the authorities in 1952. The first standard was ready two years later, but the breed was not classified by the F.C.I. until 1971.


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