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Pyrenean Shepherd

An iconic breed in the Pyrenees

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Berger des Pyrénées à poil long

Type : Lupoid

Other Names : Rough, faced or Long, haired Pyrenean Shepherd or Sheepdog

Male size : 17¾-19 inches with a ¾ inch tolerance either way in perfect specimens

Female size : 15-18 inches with a ¾ inch tolerance either way in perfect specimens

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : France


From humble origins, the Pyrenean Shepherd was virtually unknown in official canine circles until the beginning of the 20th century. Its type varies considerably from one valley to the next, but while its size and coat can be very different, its character and behavior never are. The first standard was published between 1921 and 1925 and it has barely changed since.


Generally triangular.



The bone structure is solid but not heavy. The muscles are lean. The topline is well supported and the withers prominent.



Fawn, gray, often with white on head, chest or limbs; harlequin (blue flecked with black). Other colors are brindle, black, and black with white markings.



Must be fairly short, moderately broad at the base and set not too close to each other, but not too far apart either, at the top of the skull.



Well fringed and not too long, set fairly low and forming a hook at the tip.



Long or half-long, but always dense, almost flat or slightly wavy. It is more abundant and woollier on croup and thighs. The texture is midway between goat hair and wool.


Pyrenean Shepherds pack a maximum of nervous energy into the most compact of frames. Their incomparable look is the combination of an ever-alert physiognomy, a shrewd and suspicious air and physical vitality.These indefatigable little dogs are very resourceful, full of initiative and devoted to their human companion. They are naturally headstrong, so a firm hand is generally needed to channel their energy and bring the best out of their intelligence and vitality. They are often mistrustful of strangers. They demand a lot of exercise.

Did you know ?

The mixture of coarse and wooly hair can cause cording and sometimes matting, which overlaps like tiles on the croup and thighs. Cording may even be found on the breast and the front of the elbows.


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