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Picardy Shepherd

Much more imposing than its stature would suggest

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Picard, Berger de Picardie

Type : Lupoid

Other Names : Berger, Picard

Male size : 23½-25 ½ inches

Female size : 21½-23½ inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : France


Picardy Shepherds, a.k.a. Bergers Picards are medium-sized hardy but elegant and muscular dogs that are brimming with energy. The members of this terrier-like breed with an intelligent gaze are active and alert.


Must be in good proportion to the rest of the body, without being heavy. Very light stop exactly midway between the tip of the nose and the top of the skull, which is fairly broad, but not overly so.



The chest is deep but not overly so and the length of the body is a little greater than the height to the withers. The back is straight, the loins solid and the ribs well sprung at the top.



Gray, gray-black, gray with dark overlay, grey brindle, reddish gray, light or dark fawn, or a blend of these shades.



Of moderate size, broad at the base, like an ewe’s ears set fairly high, always carried naturally pricked, with gently rounded tips.



At rest, the tail must reach down to the hock, straight with a slight curve at the tip.



Harsh, semi-long, not curly, not flat, should be dry and crisp to the touch.


It is accepted that, like most present-day shepherds, the Picardy Shepherd’s ancestors were dogs that followed the Celts to France around the 4th century BC.In the Middle Ages many painters and engravers depicted strong boned sheepdogs of medium size with long, hard hair and naturally erect ears.Bergerie Nationale de Rambouillet has an early 19th century portrait of the first master herdsman with a dog that shares many characteristics with the Picardy Sheepdog we know today. The first Picardy Sheepdogs were shown and judged in the same class as Beauce Sheep Dogs and Briards in 1863.There is evidence of a Picardy breed in 1898. In those days it was always tri-colored, with tan markings.The breed prototype is Tambour, which belonged to Emile Bedut.Nowadays Picardy Sheepdogs are most often watchdogs and companion dogs and they seem very satisfied with their life. Breed enthusiasts praise their kindness, loyalty, intelligence and the peace of mind they inspire. Their iron constitution and remarkable balance are legendary.

Did you know ?

Unlike other French sheepdogs recognized by dog clubs at the end of the 19th century, Picardy Sheepdogs had to wait until 1922 for the first official standard to be published.


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