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The most powerful of the Hungarian sheepdogs

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Komondor

Type : Lupoid

Other Names : Hungarian, Sheepdog

Male size : At least 27½ inches

Male weight : 110¼-132¼ lbs

Female size : At least 25 ½ inches

Female weight : 88-110¼ lbs

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Hungary


Komondors are big and powerfully built. Viewed from the side, the body is rectangular, almost a square. The densely coated head juts out of the body. The tail is carried hanging, with the tip almost horizontal. Their robust body is covered by fluffy ivory-colored hair, dense and long throughout. These dogs are not natural charmers, but their appealing look and noble deportment elicit respect and even fear.


Broad and in good proportion to the body. Even the dense screen of hair does not make it appear out of proportion.



Those parts of the body forming the top line are broad and very muscular, the withers are of a good length, accentuated at the front. The back is short and the loins of medium length.






Clearly drooping from the base in a V or U form.



Set low, clearly hanging. The tip is slightly curved, almost horizontal.



The entire body is covered by long, corded hair. The topcoat is coarser and the undercoat finer. The quality is determined by the ratio between the two.


Komondors are members of a very old breed of Hungarian sheepdogs of Asian descent. There primitive ancestors most probably accompanied the Magyars, a nomadic people that lived from cattle breeding in the Carpathian basin.They draw on their steadfast courage to guard herds and defend property. Naturally distrustful, they regard the area they are told to protect as their territory and will not tolerate any strangers, attacking boldly and silently. During the day they like to lie down to keep a good view of their territory. At night they are constantly on the move.

Did you know ?

Komondors have an exceptional coat. It is longest on the croup, in the lumbar region and on the back of the thighs (at least 7½-10 ½ inches) and of medium length on the back, each side of the rib cage and around the shoulder blades (at least 6-8½ inches). It is shorter on the cheeks and eyebrows, the top of the head, the ears, neck and legs (4-7 inches) and shortest on the lips and the lower legs (3½-4½ inches).


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