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German Shepherd Dog

Utility at the service of humanity

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Deutscher Schäferhund

Type : Lupoid

Other Names : Alsatian, Schäferhund

Male size : 23½-25½ inches

Male weight : 66-88 lbs

Female size : 21½-23½ inches

Female weight : 48½ lbs-70 ½ lbs

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Germany


First bred systematically after the founding of the first breed association in 1889, the German Shepherd was originally based on herding dog varieties from central and southern Germany. The goal was to produce a very good working dog, which is why physical abilities are given as much weight as character and temperament in the standard.


Wedge-shaped head that is proportionate to the rest of the body (its length is approximately 40% the height to the withers), without being coarse or overly elongated. The general appearance is clean and dry; moderately broad between the ears.



The topline runs without a visible break from the collar and the well developed withers over the back, which slopes ever so slightly towards the croup. The loins are broad, well developed and muscular. The back is firm, robust and muscular.



Black with markings that are reddish-brown, brown or yellow or even light gray in color. Solid black and gray with dark shading. Black saddle and mask.



Medium-sized, carried upright and symmetrical (not sloping at the sides), tapering to a point. The auricle is turned toward the front.



The tail extends at least to the hock, but must not go beyond the middle of the metatarsal. The hair is a little longer on the underside. It hangs with a gentle curve. When the dog is excited or active, it rises, but never above the horizontal line.



Short hair with undercoat. The topcoat must be as dense as possible, straight, harsh and close.


German Shepherds are solidly built, medium sized dogs, slightly longer than they are tall, strong, muscular and lean.German Shepherds must be even tempered, well balanced and self assured, completely natural, totally innocuous (unless provoked), vigilant and docile. They must be courageous, sturdy of character and instinctively ready to fight. These qualities make them good companions, but also well suited as a guard and protector or a herding dog. This breed is wonderfully versatile.

Did you know ?

When the German Shepherd Dog trots calmly and regularly, its head is pushed forward and its tail is slightly raised, forming a supple harmonious upper line running uninterrupted from the ears over the neck and back to the tip of the tail.


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