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Dutch Shepherd

A perfect blend of utility and amiability

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Hollandse Herdershond

Type : Lupoid

Male size : 22½-24½ inches

Female size : 21½-23½ inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Netherlands


Dutch Shepherds are well proportioned medium-size dogs of average weight and powerful, muscular bodies. These working dogs have made great strides in many disciplines, including Ring and RCI. They have an intelligent expression and a lively temperament. Their bodies are longer than the height to the withers (ratio 10/9).


Must be in a good proportion to the body, more long than massive, without wrinkles or dryness. The rough coat’s head appears to be squarer, but this is an optical illusion.



Firm, short back, straight and powerful. Solid loins that are neither long nor narrow. The croup must not be short or sloping. The chest is deep but not narrow.



Short and long coat: more or less pronounced brindle on a brown (gold brindle) foundation or a gray (silver brindle) foundation. The brindle covers the whole body, including ruff, trousers and tail. A lot of black in the topcoat is undesirable. A black mask is preferred.Rough coat: blue-gray, salt and pepper, golden brindle and silver brindle. The brindle is less pronounced on the topcoat than in the other varieties.



Smaller rather than bigger, set high, pricked and carried forward.



At rest, it hangs straight and curves slightly, reaching to the hock.



There are three varieties of hair: short, long and rough.


Affectionate, obedient, very loyal and confident, Dutch Shepherds are undemanding and bursting with stamina. Add constant alertness to the mix and you have the very definition of a sheepdog.Dutch Shepherds are members of the family of Dutch sheepdog breeds that also include the Schapendoes and the Saarlooswolfdog. Experts say that they were originally crossed with their Belgian cousin, which has a similar physiognomy, varieties and aptitudes.Nowadays Dutch Shepherds are recognized as working dogs. Their bravery, courage, hardiness and indefatigability are much appreciated. In the Netherlands the breed club founded back in 1898 is responsible for promotion and selection, which was focused on their highly diverse aptitudes.

Did you know ?

This breed has character in spades from a very early age, so a firm hand will be a requisite. Once it has been properly educated and socialized, you will be astonished by just what your dog is capable of.


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