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Bergamasco Shepherd

An Italian sheepdog that is devoted to its human companion

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Cane Da Pastore Bergamasco

Type : Lupoid

Male size : 23½ inches on average

Male weight : 70½-83¾ lbs

Female size : 22 inches with a ¾ inch tolerance either way

Female weight : 57½-70½ lbs

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : Italy


Bergamasco Shepherds are powerful but very well proportioned medium-sized dogs of rather unpretentious appearance. They are exceptional sheep herders and guarders. Like many other sheepdog breeds, they are very well balanced and lively, but their devotion to their human companion is a very distinct characteristic of the breed.


The muzzle is just as long as the skull. The head appears big overall.



The well defined withers are high and long, running from the line of the back, while the neck runs harmoniously into the torso. The lumbar region is somewhat convex and the croup is a little oblique.



Solid gray or with gray markings of every shade from pale to very bright or darker, even black. Light tan and clear fawn are permitted. A solid black coat is permitted if it is completely opaque.



Set high, only the top two thirds of the ears up to the rounded tip droop.



Set on the last third of the croup, thick and strong at the base, tapering at the end.



Very abundant, very long and adapted to the different areas of the body. The texture is as harsh as goat hair, especially on the front of the torso.


This ancient breed of sheepdog has colonized the entire Italian Alpine region, but it is especially prevalent in the valleys of Bergamo, where sheep breeding is well developed.Bergamasco Shepherds are bred to herd and guard sheep, so it’s no surprise they have an exemplary disposition, characterized by vigilance, concentration and psychological balance. Their faculty for learning and determination, together with their moderation and patience make them outstanding watchdogs and companions. They are suited to many different jobs, and form a strong bond with people.

Did you know ?

Their square shape gives Bergamasco Shepherds a distinct gait compared with other sheepdog breeds. They can adopt an ordinary gallop for quite a long time.


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