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Bearded Collie

The agreeable union of elegance and power

Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)

Original Name : Bearded Collie

Type : Lupoid

Male size : 21-22 inches

Female size : 20-21 inches

Degree of grooming :

Countries of origin : United Kingdom


Bearded Collies are active dogs with a characteristically lean, solid build and a calm, well balanced temperament. Their bright, curious expression is a distinctive feature of this herding breed, which is known for its supple, long-reaching movements.


Proportionate to the body. The skull is broad, flat and square. The distance from the stop to the occiput is the same as the width between the orifices of the ears.



The length of the body should come from the length of the ribcage rather than the loin. The back should be level and the ribs well sprung, but not barrel-shaped. The body is longer than it is high (ratio 5/4), measured from the point of the sternum to the point of the croup. Females may be slightly longer.



Slate grey, reddish fawn, black or blue, all shades of gray, brown and sandy, with or without white markings.



Medium-sized and drooping



Set low, without either kink or twist and long enough for the end of the bone to reach at least the point of the hock.



Double with underhair that is soft and close, like fur. The topcoat is flat, rough, strong and bushy.


A level-headed dogBearded Collies are alert, lively, self-confident and active. They have the temperament of a steady, intelligent working dog, with not a trace of nervousness or aggression.Their head is distinctive: the general impression is that of a dog with a strong muzzle and a good-sized skull. The stop is moderate. The nose is large and square, typically black but mostly in harmony with the coat color in blues and browns. The nose and lips are solidly colored, without markings of any size. The pigmentation of the lips and the eye rims are the same as the color of the nose.Supple movement Beardies seem to move effortlessly, covering a great deal of ground with elegance and grace. Their gait confirms that they were made for their job. Experts laud the quality of movement of a sheepdog that combines suppleness with efficiency.

Did you know ?

The color of the eyes matches that of the coat. In fact, the same goes for eyelids, nose and lips. Original, eh?


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