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Toilet Train Your Puppy

How to toilet train your puppy?

Toilet training should start as soon as your puppy gets home. Here are 5 steps to train your puppy:

Toilet Train

Set an Alarm

When you start training your puppy, set a timer on your phone to remind you to take your puppy out every 1-2 hours. Repetition is the key. If you don’t take him out often, he will take more time to get trained. Make sure you take him out after every meal, on waking up and after playtime.

Right Command at the Right Time

If you notice your puppy going round in circles indoors, wait until he starts doing his business and then picks him up with a firm “NO” and take him outside. When he has finished outside, give him lots of praise and petting. 

Create a Toilet Command

Introduce a word while your dog is urinating or defecating. Use this cue only for toileting. This will connect the behaviour with the command, and also encourage him to toilet on command!

Praise Him

Reward your puppy within a few seconds of your pet toileting, so that he knows what he’s being patted for. This will make the training much faster and easier.

Do Not Punish

Accidents indoor are a part and parcel of toilet training. If any accident happens, never rub your puppy’s nose into it. Simply try and take him out as frequently as possible.

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