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Time to chew things over

Slow your dog from eating too fast!

We’re all familiar with the concept of our dogs gulping down their food as fast as they can, and it is true that dogs tend to take much less time than humans over a meal. However, a more relaxed pace of eating can actually be beneficial for your puppy.

Chewing – from then to today

Unlike us humans, dogs are not designed to spend a long time chewing their food. Their powerful jaws have very little sideways movement and they do not possess digestive enzymes within their saliva. Their wild ancestors would need to eat large amounts of food from the prey they had caught in a short time and would be at risk of predators and scavengers while eating.

However, for the modern pet dog, an eating speed that is too rapid can have detrimental effects. Rapid gulping of small kibbles, which require no crunching, may lead to swallowing of air, overloading of the stomach, and digestive issues.

Stopping your dog from eating too fast – the pros

Feeding your puppy the best dog food (Royal Canin Starter/ Royal Canin Puppy Food/ Royal Canin Junior/ Royal Canin Medium Junior/ Royal Canin Maxi Junior/ Royal Canin Giant Junior) with a shape, size, and texture adapted to their jaws, helps them pick up their food more easily and encourages them to crunch it, slowing their eating speed. This helps to reduce the amount of air swallowed between each bite that your dog takes. Taking more time over each mouthful helps prepare for digestion and reduce the risk of regurgitation. Mealtimes will last a little longer and maybe more satisfying for your puppy. And of course, encouraging them to crunch their kibble helps support oral health. 

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